• Reprint of “The Binding of Ming-tian” in An Alphabet of Embers


  • Summoning the Phoenix: Poetry & Prose about Chinese Musical Instruments by Emily Jiang & illustrated by April Chu, published by Shen’s Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books, April 2014 (For more information, click here)


  • The Binding of Ming-tian” in Apex Magazine, May 2013 (warning – this story is about footbinding)
    • Lois Tilton of Locus ranks my story as Recommended! Read her review at Locus Online.
    • “a stand-out story” says Brit Mandelo. Read her review at
    • “This is magical realism at its best, and one of the most memorable stories I’ve read so far this year,” says Bogi Takacs. Read the review.
    • Reprinted in An Alphabet of Embers, an anthology edited by Rose Lemberg, 2015
  • Wedding Song” in The Binnacle’s Seventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition Anthology, 2011
  • “Paper Daughter”   First Place Winner of the Tom Howard/John Reid Short Story Contest, 2010
  • One Small Step”  Second Place Winner of the Palo Alto Short Story Contest, 2009


  • “Ballerina Hippo Mippo” in Stone Telling 12: Joke, April 2015
  • “Good Enough” in Stone Telling 10: Body, 2014
  • “A Pentatonic Moon” in Interfictions, May 2013
  • Merciful Deity” in Stone Telling 8, August 2012
  • “East Coast Summer” in The Cascadia Subduction Zone, April 2012
  • “The Tastiest Part of the Brain” in Weird Tales #359, Winter 2012
  • “Monkey, Trapped” in Stone Telling 4, 2011
  • “Grey-Eyed” in Goblin Fruit, Summer 2011
    • Nominated for Dwarf Stars Award
    • Reprinted in the Dwarf Stars Award Anthology
  • “Rice Cooker Dreams” in Stone Telling 3, 2011
  • “Life Lessons” in Strange Horizons, 2010
    • Reprinted in Strange Horizon’s Best of 2010 Anthology
  • “Self-Portrait” in Stone Telling, 2010
    • Reprinted in review for The Moment of Change in The Cascadia Subduction Zone, April 2012
    • Reprinted in The Moment of Change Anthology, edited by Rose Lemberg, May 2012
    • Reprinted in In Other Words anthology, edited by Saira Ali & Julia Rios, May 2014




TRANSLATIONS (Chinese to English, with C. L. Jiang)

  • Poetry translations and songs: “A Pentatonic Moon” in Interfictions, May 2013
    • “Moon” by Xue Tao
    • “Moonlight” aka “Night Thoughts” by Li Bai
    • “The Yinwu Pavillion” by Yu Xuanji
    • “Lodge” aka “Bamboo Lodge” by Wang Wei
    • “Full Moon” by Du Fu
  • Poetry featured in “When Flowers Bloom, When Flowers Fall: How Women Influenced Chinese Poetry during the Tang Dynasty” in Stone Telling 4, 2011
    • “Moon” by Xue Tao
    • “Spring Gazing” by Xue Tao
    • “West Cliff” by Xue Tao
    • “The Yinwu Pavillion” by Yu Xuanji
    • “Spring Thoughts Sent Affectionately to Zian” by Yu Xuanji
    • “Looking around Chongzhen Temple’s South Pavilion and Seeing the New List of Names of Those Who Passed the Civil Service Exam” by Yu Xuanji



    • “Timeless Loves: Time Travel Television Trends Around the World” presented at Eaton/SFRA Conference at University of California at Riverside in Riverside, California, April, 2013
    • “Is Science Fiction Falling in the United States?” presented at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, November 2012.
    • “Hyphenated Humor Trends in the Contemporary Asian-American Child Narrator” presented at The Child in the Book Conference at Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan. November 2012.



    • “Are You Happy?” – 10-minute play performed by the Calaveras Repertory Theatre



    “Call of the Angels” music by Stacy Garrop, for chorus SA and piano

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