Publisher’s Weekly Covers Lee & Low’s Acquisition of Shen’s

It was a dream I thought would never happen–to have my first book, Summoning the Phoenix, mentioned in Publisher’s Weekly, which typically only lists really “big” books.  Thanks to the acquisition of Shen’s Books by Lee & Low, this dream came true.

Read the article at Publisher’s Weekly.

Dream for little books
that might grow long legs, sprout wings,
sing sing sing…take flight.

Story Publication! “The Binding of Ming-tian” in Apex Magazine

My short story “The Binding of Ming-tian” is published in Apex Magazine TODAY! The issue is quite excellent, and I’m thrilled to share a fiction table of contents with such amazing writers like Joe Lansdale, Douglas Warrick, Shira Lipkin, Sigrid Ellis, Maggie Slater and the brilliant E. Lily Yu. Warning: my story is darkly surreal and is not for a younger audience or the squeamish, since it is about Chinese foot binding, among other things. With this in mind, you can read my story here: