5 Tiny Flash USBs Perfect for Travel

When I travel, I love having the opportunity to write anywhere. This means I also need access to my files anywhere I go. While the cloud is convenient, it requires reliable internet connection, which isn’t always possible. So I researched my options take my files with me pretty much everywhere I go.

Here are five tiny, super portable solutions for storage:

Kingston Digital 32GB DataTraveler Micro USB 2.0 (DTMCK/32GB)

This little flash drive comes with a cover to protect the drive and is one of the smallest USB drives available.


SanDisk Cruzer Fit 32 GB x2 = 64GB USB Flash Drive SDCZ33-032G-B35-2PK w/ Everything But Stromboli (TM) Lanyard

Like the Kingston DataTravler, the San Disk Cruzer has a tiny base and a tiny cover.  But this one comes with a lanyard so it’s easier to find.

LaCie PetiteKey USB Flash Drive can fit on your keyring and looks like a tiny key!  So cute!!  It’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t break off your keychain.  Currently available in different storage capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB.

LaCie CooKey USB 2.0 Flash Drive uses the same concept as the PetiteKey, but slightly bigger in size.  There’s an option to unlock your computer using this USB key.


AirStash® A02 SD Card Flash Drive for iPad, iPhone, Android (memory card not included)

This gadget is not flash drive, but it’s so cool, and unlike the other options, it has a potentially longer usage life because it uses SD cards.  The AirStash creates its own wireless network so that whatever is stored on the SD card can be accessible to up to 8 devices total, while data streaming is limited to 3 devices.  So 3 phones and/or tablets can stream 3 movies from the AirStash.  It’s a bit pricey, and you need to provide your own SD cards, but if you’re traveling around, it could make a super useful tool to share photos, music, movies.

I love traveling with these tiny drives!



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