A Poem Written on Facebook – Chair of Awesome and Friendship

For Brooke Bolander, who said “I was feeling blue about life, and then I remembered there is a chair made of awesome and friendship slowly but surely traveling towards my destination.”

What does this chair
of awesome
and friendship
look like?

Is it made of flowers?
Is it made of thorns?
Is it made of truffles?
Is it made of corn?

Does it have
Ten wings?
Or nine arms?
Or eight eyes?

Does it
Snort with glee?
Or wink with charm?
Or act surprised?

Can I sit in it?
Stand on it?
Hold onto it?

Can I bring
a friend
or two
or twenty?

Will it protect me
from monsters,
from nightmares,
from THEM?

Will it teach me
to sing
or hide
or defend?

And at bedtime,
when we’re ready to sleep,
will this chair stay with me
until dream’s end?

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