Guest Blogging for The Pirate Tree

I feel so fortunate to have been invited to be a guest blogger for The Pirate Tree, a wonderful group of authors dedicated to social justice and children’s literature.  They regularly post thoughtful reviews of children’s and YA books that deal with progressive issues.  When they heard about my blog series Crossing Cultural Borders, they invited me to contribute.  So once a month for the next several months, The Pirate Tree will be cross-posting an article from my blog series Crossing Cultural Borders on its blog, and my first post is up today.

Read my first article, Writing Crossing Cultural Borders – An Introduction, on The Pirate Tree.

Thank you to the authors who have welcomed me to The Pirate Tree:  J.L. Powers, Nancy Bo Flood, Ann Angel, Terry Farish, Varian Johnson, E. M. Kokie, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Peter Marino.  It’s my honor to join a great group of people who are passionate about social justice and children’s literature.

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