Gunn High School Choir Sings 3 Pentatonic Moon Songs

Under the direction of William Liberatore, Gunn High School has an over 20-year tradition of choral excellence, and their winter concert took place on Thursday, December 12, 2013.  I was introduced to conductor Bill through his wife Holly, who sings with me in choir. Yes, the Liberatore is a musical family.  Bill especially liked my set of songs A Pentatonic Moon.  So he programmed three songs (Moon, Moonlight, Pavilion) for this December concert.

The Gunn concert choir has 100 young women and men.  The chamber singers have 35, and their treble choir consists of 32 girls, all freshmen and 14 years old.  While my Pentatonic Moon songs are simple, it’s not always easy to tune the dissonant chords, and a cappella, which means without accompaniment, can be a challenge to sing well at the age of 14.  But the girls did a wonderful job.  I was so impressed!

Here’s the Youtube video taken by a parent

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