Part 2 of NerdVana Podcast featuring Summoning the Phoenix Launch Party at Kepler’s!

Emily & April being interviewed by JC & Chuck at Kepler’s before the Summoning the Phoenix book party. Photo by Nathan Kopp.

I’m grateful to my wonderful friends JC & Chuck & Noah of the NerdVana Podcast for covering the Summoning the Phoenix Book Launch Party at Kepler’s! Last week they debuted their podcast of Part 1, which included an interview of me and April Chu.  Today both episodes are now available: Part 1 (in which I talk A LOT – you have been warned) and Part 2 (in which other very smart people have a chance to talk including April, Angela, Jerry, Ken). And both have awesome music from the kid musicians of the California Youth Chinese Symphony. You can listen to Parts 1 & 2 at NerdVana Podcast!

Music performance
can be captured so well by
audio podcast!

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