Strange Horizons Makes Its Goal and Publishes Salamander Song!

When I first started composing choral songs, Rose Lemberg asked me to write music to accompany her fiery poem “Salamander Song.”  It was my first attempt at writing a solo with piano accompaniment.  I debuted the song at my concert and made a recording, and that was the end, or so I thought.  So when “Salamander Song” was accepted to be published for the Strange Horizons Annual Fundraising Drive, it was such a delightful bonus, but only if they made their fundraising goal of $10,500.

So it’s an exciting moment to share that Strange Horizons made their fundraising goal and has published “Salamander Song”!  Thank you to everyone who contributed!!

Read and listen to “Salamander Song” right now!

Music credits:  Emily Jiang, mezzo-soprano & Mary Tusa, piano

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