Summoning the Phoenix Giveaway in Support of #WeNeedDiverseBooks & #DiversifyYourShelves

BookParty-BooksInc-EmilyAprilBook-FromAaronLumTo support #WeNeedDiverseBooks & #DiversifyYourShelves, I’m pleased to share that April Chu and I are going to sponsor our FIRST giveaway!  The lucky winner will receive a copy of our debut picture book Summoning the Phoenix: Poems & Prose about Chinese Musical Instruments AND a beautiful print of April’s artwork from our book!  To enter, comment below listing your favorite book recommendation in support of #DiversifyYourShelves (note your comments will not appear right away because I receive spam on my blog, so I moderate the comments).

Here are some examples of April’s gorgeous artwork from our book:

xiao suona ruan pipa muyu guzheng

To enter the giveaway, please comment below & include your favorite book recommendation in support of #DiversifyYourShelves.  Again, your comment will not immediately show up because my comments are moderated, since my blog does receive spam comments.

One lucky winner will be drawn sometime after April and I have recovered from our fourth and FINAL book party, which is TODAY (Saturday, May 3rd, 3-5 PM at Hicklebee’s in San Jose).  So I urge you to comment right away!


3 thoughts on “Summoning the Phoenix Giveaway in Support of #WeNeedDiverseBooks & #DiversifyYourShelves”

  1. What a beautiful book! Congratulations!

    A book I love to recommend, because it blew my own mind, is Sorghaghtani of Mongolia, by Shirin Yim Bridges, part of the Thinking Girl’s Teasury of Real Princesses (I with it had been “thinking kids” instead, but that didn’t stop my boys from enjoying this one too).

  2. Hi Emily, I would love to donate a printed version of my comic book Love! Love! Fighting! for your giveaway if you are accepting prize donations. I have it only to read at Right now it’s currently being self-published but I am working on raising funds on my kickstarter to buy the ISBN number to get it in book stores and on I hope to be able to contribute <3

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