The Storybook Makers Art Exhibit in Danville

Last week I met up with April Chu and other wonderful children’s book artists at the opening for The Storybook Makers exhibit at the Village Theater & Art Gallery in Danville, California.

Here’s April with her stunning artwork from Summoning the Phoenix:


April’s art invites
your imagination to
wonder, take flight, soar.


Above is Thatcher Hurd next to a piece of art he made using his iPhone.

Thatcher’s digital
artwork conveys his sense of
boldly fun whimsy.


Above is Jim Averbeck pointing at his gorgeous collage piece.

Using black & white,
Jim collages a world of
magic butterflies.

April had convinced me to go to see The Storybook Makers Art Exhibit with the promise of watching cool animated shorts, so we sat in the theater anticipating wonder.


Here’s the screen:


The movies were so fun!  I had two favorites.  One about a boat that was battered by animals, people, and the weather, then it was gradually rebuilt by the animals and people who originally used it.  So poignantly awesome.  My other favorite was about a relationship between a creature of sand and a creature of snow, and how they communicated and shared stuff via a glass bottle thrown into the ocean.


Lea Lyon was the only artist at the reception I knew, and she was too fast-moving for me to take her photo.  But here’s a funny selfie of me and Jim to substitute for Lea.


There were so many wonderful artworks in this gallery.  Everyone had a great time!

 Above is a friend whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry!), Deborah David, Sharon Levin, Lissa Rovetch (co-curator of the wonderful exhibit).

One more picture where April and I are holding our book underneath her gorgeous art:


Thanks to Toby Black for taking the photo above!

Here’s the complete list of the featured artists:  Jon Agee, Constance Anderson, Jim Averbeck, Alexandra Boiger, Lisa Brown, April Chu, Julie Downing, Carson Ellis, Susan Gal, Christy Hale, Thacher Hurd, Sung Yeon Joh, Shaun Kim, Elisa Klevin, Jim LaMarche, Mary Lundquist, Lea Lyon, Gianna Marino, Amy Martin, Nikki McClure, Brian McMullen, Marissa Moss, Erick Oh, Kathryn Otoshi, Leuyen Pham, Mira Reisberg, Lissa Rovetch, Barney Saltzberg, J. Otto Seilbold, Teri Sloat, Dan San Souci, Karen Stanton, Katherine Tillotson, Maria Van Lieshout, Jane Wattenberg, Ashley Wolff and Michael Wu.

The show runs through June 13, 2014.  It’s definitely worth checking out!

Storybook Makers
create magical artwork,
evoke wondrous worlds.

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