Interview about Music & Poetry at The Ink Splat

Naomi Kinsman, YA author and Regional Advisor of my local SCBWI chapter, has an amazing day job. She runs this wonderful nonprofit called the Society of the Young Inklings, which encourages and nurtures kids in their creative writing.  They also have a monthly newsletter called The Ink Splat that features a Q&A from a children’s author.

For the Ink Splat during the month of April, Ink Splat editor Kalyn Josephson interviewed me about two of my great passions, music and  poetry.  I share the poem I revised the most from Summoning the Phoenix as well as my thoughts about the link between music and literature and some advice on revising.

Read my interview “Making Music” at The Ink Splat!

Music transcends most
cultures, gender, race. If one
can speak, one can sing!


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